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The new Teddywedgers revives the Cornish Pasty

Kyle Nabilcy - February 2015


I'll be honest: I don't really know who makes up the regular clientele at Teddywedgers. Even a half order of one of these savory hand-pies is almost too much to eat in one sitting. It's not a particularly convenient location for the modern blue-collar, hard-workin' types that traditionally made up the consumer base for Cornish pasties in the Old Country. But at the tip of State Street facing the Capitol, it is convenient to office workers, visitors and students, and the revamped business is as good a signpost for State Street as the old one was.


The business that was started by Miles Allen a quarter century ago and continued by Raymond Johnson in 2009 has now been taken on by siblings Karima Berkani and Anthony Rineer.

Teddywedgers has new owners, but same beloved pasties

Marie Chapman - November 2014


The Madisonians who know Teddywedgers Cornish pasties at the top of State Street have seen it change hands several times. But they can rest assured that a new family has come into ownership of the business and isn’t planning on letting it go any time soon.


Siblings Anthony Rineer and Karima Berkani have taken over the historic pasty shop. As I bought my first ever teddywedger pasty (pronounced past-ee), they recounted the shop’s long story to me, revealing their knowledge of its history as well as their fondness for it.


The hottest restaurants in Madison right now

Kyle Nabilcy - February 2015


Today, Eater returns to Madison, Wisconsin to focus on 10 new (or new in spirit) restaurants that have been garnering some serious buzz. It's been just over six months since the last Madison heatmap, and once again Isthmus food writer Kyle Nabilcy has offered up his picks for the hottest restaurant openings of the past 12 months.


On the list is a swanky steakhouse made for power dining (Rare Steakhouse), a pan-Asian destination from a local empire builder (Sujeo), and a surprisingly controversial Italian restaurant (Cento). There's also plenty happening just beyond Madison's borders, and a few key chef shuffles are heating up the local scene. Here now, and in alphabetical order, the Eater Madison Heatmap:

Hug your Teddywedger and the siblings who saved the shop

Samara Kalk Derby - November 2014


The “Myles” in the Myles Teddywedgers’ name is gone, and while the shop’s signature pasty is noticeably thinner on cheese, longtime fans of the 38-year-old business are just happy to still be able to enjoy their warm handheld pies.


I know I am grateful that the State Street shop has been able to survive the death of original owner Myles Allen, and the retirement of his successor Raymond Johnson.


In August, brother and sister Anthony Rineer and Karima Berkani stepped in to rescue the Madison institution that seemed destined for the dustbin of local history

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